LNA series split-phase hybrid inverter passed the US certification

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LNA series split-phase hybrid inverter passed the US certification




Recently, Megarevo LNA new series split-phase inverter has passed UL 1741:2021 and IEEE 1547.1 test certification provided by SGS, an international authoritative certification body, and officially gained access to the North American market, becoming one of the few residential energy storage inverter manufacturers in China that can meet the standards.

UL 1741:2021 and IEEE1547 standards are the most stringent electrical safety standards in the industry promulgated by the United States for solar off-grid power system inverters, power converters and other electrical equipment and distributed power generation system requirements for grid connection.

At present, most of the energy storage inverter products are not enough to cope with the harsh test of these two standards, but as a senior energy storage inverter manufacturer, Megarevo's value of "customer achievement" has been deeply rooted in the marrow. In order to improve the safety level of the products, Megarevo certification team cooperates with SGS certification body to verify from performance test, abnormality test, functional protection test, stability test and mechanical test to improve the safety and reliability of the products, so that users can really focus on the value of the products.

LNA series ESS split-phase inverter is specially tailored by Megarevo for North American market. The product not only supports multiple machines in parallel, but also supports 100% unbalanced output, which can meet the power demand of 5~10kW. This recognition in North American market not only makes the product quality reach the international leading standard, but also gives Megarevo a competitive advantage in the international market environment, and provides a boost for the next vigorous expansion in overseas markets.

In the past few years, Megarevo has continued to change itself while serving customers, always insisting on "technological innovation" as the driving force, keeping the fear of power supply safety, and continuously increasing the standard in the field of product certification, taking practical actions to guard the safety line, providing customers with economical, efficient and compliant products, and helping customers solve their energy consumption problems.


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