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Megarevo Debuts at K.EY 2024




On February 28th, Megarevo 2024 kicked off its first exhibition in Europe, the K.EY Energy Transition Expo, where the Megarevo team demonstrated its inverter expertise and product strengths, exchanged ideas with customers, and explored innovative application scenarios together.


Although there were minor market fluctuations in the third quarter of last year, the future of the Italian energy storage market is still worth looking forward to. In November 2023, the European Commission approved Italy's renewable energy project assistance plan, which will allocate 5.7 billion euros ($6.2 billion) to support communities and self-consumption consumers. In December, the European Commission approved a €17.7 billion ($19.5 billion) plan to cover investment and operating costs for the development, construction and operation of more than 9GW/71GWh of large-scale energy storage projects in Italy. According to predictions by Italian transmission system operator Terna, in the future, more diverse energy storage projects will follow in southern Italy and its islands, which have abundant solar energy resources.


Megarevo's residential energy storage products, represented by the RKL1G2 energy storage inverter and the RKH3 three-phase hybrid inverter, were presented at the exhibition, covering the small - large residential energy use power band in Europe.

The RKH3 three-phase hybrid inverter supports 100% three-phase unbalanced loaded operation off-grid with excellent load-carrying performance, while the RKL1G2 energy storage inverter is newly upgraded on the basis of the single-phase machine of the first generation, with a great improvement in power density, volume and weight, and flexibility of operation. With the help of intelligent linked data collection device, together with mobile APP remote control, Megarevo effectively assists more families to realize intelligent and visualized energy management and maximize the benefits of the power plant.

C&I energy storage is becoming a new hot spot for energy storage companies, Megarevo launched PMA series products last year, which are suitable for commercial and industrial grid-connected application scenarios, and help more companies to realize cost reduction, carbon reduction, and lean operation. PMA standard power capacity modules support horizontal/vertical installation, and are available in two power bands of 62.5/105kW. The pre-assembled PMAE cabinet reduces the footprint by 55% compared with traditional PCS under the same power, and can be expanded to realize a single system of 1 MW. It is equipped with an emergency stop switch and intelligent electrical protection, which brings customers lower LCOS and a more secure using experience.

In the microgrid scenario, the MPS hybrid inverter with integrated design and flexible PV configuration has outstanding strength. It adopts DC coupling solution and control power AC/DC redundancy design, which improves the system efficiency by 2% and is more safe and reliable, suitable for some remote areas and islands where power is relatively weak.

The European tour continues. 2.29-3.1, welcome to visit Megarevo Booth B7-029 to talk about energy transition and zero carbon advancement!

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