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Meet Megarevo at Solartech Indonesia




On March 6, Solartech Indonesia was officially launched in Jakarta, and Megarevo presented a variety of high-performance energy storage products, which won the favor of visitors.


Indonesia, a tropical paradise dotted with 17,000 islands, attracts the world's attention with its unique natural scenery and rich cultural charm. However, behind the beautiful scenery, frequent natural disasters, low power grid coverage, backward and ununified power grid infrastructure have also brought inconvenience to Indonesia's production and living electricity.

In recent years, Southeast Asia's energy transition is advancing, the proportion of renewable energy access to the grid is rising, but the randomness and intermittency of PV output, as well as the mismatch between output and the characteristics of the electricity-using loads have increased the difficulty of regulating the power system and maintaining the supply. In order to ensure the stability of power supply, improve energy utilization, accelerate the deployment of energy storage is imminent.


Megarevo's residential energy storage series products are characterized by high efficiency and low start-up voltage, long power generation time and leading power generation capacity to meet customers' cost-effective requirements. In the near future, we will also launch the off-grid inverters of our residential energy storage series, which will provide reliable power to the residents of archipelagic countries such as Indonesia, where the power infrastructure is weak, the residents live in scattered areas, and the overhead lines are poorly regulated.

Megarevo's MPS hybrid inverter has successfully helped build robust power networks for several small off-grid islands. With its integrated design, built-in isolation transformer and on/off switch, the on/off switching time is <10ms, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply to the loads.The MEGA energy storage converter is customized for commercial and industrial enterprises, which is able to respond to their energy needs quickly and efficiently, improving power quality and reducing electricity bills.


Outdoor cabinet type energy storage system provides protection for power shortage areas. Supports maximum 1C charging and discharging multiplier, higher overall system efficiency. Supports multiple sets of parallel use, more convenient application deployment. Container energy storage system is more widely used in industrial and commercial peak shaving, grid-side peak and frequency adjustment, etc. It adopts standardized design, easy to expand capacity and easy to maintain.

Southeast Asia, with its abundant sunlight resources, has a bright future for energy storage, and Megarevo will continue to develop and promote advanced energy storage technologies to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions. We look forward to working with more and more peers to witness the green revolution of energy!

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